Our goal is NOT to prepare you for a martial arts competition or to teach you outdated techniques. Most of the techniques that you will learn with us are restricted in other martial arts schools, which will give you and advantage over even the most skilled opponents.

Our goal is to teach you self-defence skills, and instill in you the confidence of a person that is able to withstand any attack. We will teach you simple to perform techniques that will give you the ability to defend your self against any attack.


Our classes incorporate practical skills, tactical combat knowledge, and physiological insight to control any situation. Attending our practices you will become an unbeatable fighter with skills to survive in any situation, and overcome even the most skilled attackers with martial arts backgrounds.

Our MMA course includes self defence against armed and unarmed opponents.


Learn defence from armed opponents by applying Combat Sambo – Russian Spetsnaz Martial Art designed for effectively overcoming opponents that have a weapon.  Our instructors has vast experience from teaching  police and army special forces seminars.  Learn to fight skilled adversaries with and without weapons.

Learning Combat MMA techniques will provide you with the skills to overcome opponents with diverse MMA training and other Martial Arts experience.

Combat MMA will also boost your athletic abilities by improving your cardio and stamina. Attend one of our classes today to see what its like to have real practical self defence skills.


At MMA Fight Club we teach you real combat skills and self defence techniques. Learn Combat Sambo mixed martial arts techniques that actually work.