Combat Sambo


The main goal of Combat Sambo is to rapidly learn how to defend yourself against sudden attacks, disarm a dangerous attacker, and detain them. The Combat Sambo techniques were developed for professionals and only recently made available to the public.

Combat Sambo includes learning and mastering self-defence techniques, counter-attack techniques, and techniques for conducting combat. You will learn simple and effective methods to overcome your opponents using your environment, and a combination of the most practical martial arts systems.

This rugged self-defence system is designed for delivering the maximum amount of damage to your opponent within a short period of time. Combat Sambo is performed using simple actions incorporating even the most restricted moves, which is why there are no professional competitions in this sport.

Combat Sambo has special divisions that are designed for professional users like government security, police, and military agencies. These techniques were initially kept secret, but are now available to those who wish to learn them.


At MMA Fight Club we teach you real combat skills and self defence techniques. Learn Combat Sambo mixed martial arts techniques that actually work.